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Your Dream Home Awaits

Take the First Step on the Pathway to Creating 

Generational Wealth

 Hire an Independent Real Estate Consultant  

Your Advocate with almost 50 years of experience

A New Way of Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition


In order to make the best possible real estate buying decisions, you need to have the best possible information and guidance.


When you're house-hunting, you may stumble upon an almost perfect property. The location, style, and design you are looking for there are just too many repairs that need to be done. It’d be a waste if you pass up on this amazing find just because you lack funds for the improvements and purchase. You won't have to with Coy C. Vickers, Jr., a Licensed Real Estate Broker. They help with residential acquisition, redevelopment projects, and other real estate needs.

By enlisting our help and guidance, you can acquire property for rehabilitation. You’ll be able to make the necessary improvements and turn a fixer-upper into a home or invest in property you've always wanted! Rest assured we will guide you and answer whatever question you may have about property acquisition, HomeStyle Renovation, CHOICERenovations, or VA Renovations; the 203k mortgage program, and residential redevelopment, all with the exclusive fiduciary representation to the real estate buyer.

An Exclusive Buyer's Broker with over four decades of Philadelphia Regional Real Estate knowledge and experience

" If you thought you'd never be able to own real estate...THINK AGAIN! "

-Coy C. Vickers, Jr.

Let’s Get Started

Call, text at 484-469-7673, or email us today at to learn more about what we do. You may also contact us to explore our Free, No-Obligation virtual advisory consultation. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in any of your real estate issues or ventures you may be encountering. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and review any current or future real estate acquisition. 

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